Llamaz Become the First Ever NFTs in Near Space


Bitcoin Press Release: Hong Kong-based NFT art project Llamaz made history on the 4th of June 2021, when it successfully launched a series of NFTs into near space. 

10th June, 2021, Hong Kong  LLAMAZ is an NFT art project created by 100 Fire Limited which made history on the 4th of June 2021. On this date, the project became the first ever to successfully launch NFTs to reach near space breaching a maximum altitude of 28,832 meters. 

What Are Llamaz? 

Llamaz are digital characters, made by combining various attributes and accessories. There are millions of possible Llamaz permutations, but only 10,000 were selected and will ever be minted. Of the 10,000 Llamaz, 30 of them were designed manually, creating a handful of celebrity Llamaz. Anyone can explore the full collection here or check out the celebrity Llamaz here


Why Go To Space? 

While Llamaz may seem to be colorful and carefree creatures, their world is on the brink of destruction. Overuse of PoW Blockchain technologies has led to extreme climate change, forcing the Llamaz to look to the stars for a new home. Learn more about the legend of the Llamaz here.


LLAMAZ-1 Near-Space Mission 

The mission, aptly named LLAMAZ-1, took place in collaboration with European Astrotech and was a complete success. In addition to definitely proving to all Llama-kind that their planet is in fact round, the mission carried with it a USB drive containing a copy of each Llama NFT. In their own way, each of the Llamaz NFTs took part in this epic journey into the stars. All parties can learn more about the LLAMAZ-1 mission here and watch the Llamas space odyssey from take off to spinning in near-space, and landing.


OpenSea NFT Llama Collection

The Llamaz are now for sale on OpenSea via the main website, allowing anyone to get a hold of their very own Llamaz NFT. While the vast majority are available for purchase using Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies, Llamalon Must (#9999), celebrity Llama extraordinaire, and CEO of Dogecarz LLC, is available for purchase in exchange for a Tesla. That’s right Tesla owners! The lockup is finally over. Teslas can now be used to buy Llamaz. This extremely fast and convenient method of payment is sure to revolutionize the world of digital payments. For more information on the Llamaz Collection, visit the website.


LLAMAZ Socials

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Media Contact Details

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Contact Email: [email protected] 

LLAMAZ is the source of this content. This Press Release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest. 


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