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Press Release: The Revive Project’s PULSE token public sale offers the crypto community a chance to be a part of and benefit from its unique investment platform and NFT marketplace. 

September 7th, 2021, Zug, Switzerland — The Revive Project is a revolutionary platform that will allow the blockchain community to come together to invest in crypto and develop exciting NFT projects. Revive has created a unique ecosystem for NFT and crypto investments, governed by its native utility token, PULSE

The ecosystem uses a 10% transfer commission to benefit its community of users in a variety of different ways. The PULSE token public sale started on the 1st of September and is running until the 30th of September, 2021. PULSE token will be listed on PancakeSwap and WhiteBIT after the Public Sale.

Revive Project – Building an Ecosystem

The Revive Project is developing right now 3 innovative platforms:

  • Revive Wallet: Store & Vote

The Revive Wallet will have an impressive level of application and functionality, specifically the ability to vote for upcoming Revive developments. The Revive Wallet and PULSE token will be especially combined so they can be integrated 100% in the Revive NFT Marketplace, Revive Academy and Revive Exchange. The Revive Wallet will be the gate for accessing these innovative platforms.

  • NFT Marketplace & Academy – Learn, Create, and Market NFTs

The Revive NFT Marketplace aims to revolutionize, innovate and simplify the way NFTs are created and developed. Exclusive and only accessible for PULSE holders, the NFT Academy helps guide creators through their journey as NFT developers. 

Eduard Ifrim, CSO of Revive Project, stated:

“The Revive Marketplace and Academy combine in a unique way to completely simplify the marketing, investment and development processes behind NFTs. “

  • Revive Exchange – a new kind of CEX 

The Revive Exchange will be the cherry on top of the entire Ecosystem. Its goal is to create a trading environment where we will be able to give the opportunity to all Pulse holders to invest in new and innovative financial derivative crypto products. 

Marius Smochina, CEO of Revive Project, stated: 

“We have already in our team some great minds from the financial sector with whom we will develop the Revive Exchange. Stay tuned for outstanding derivative assets. “

Revive Ecosystem & Certik Audit

The Revive Ecosystem is designed specifically to encourage long-term holding and discourage token sell-offs, with the express intention of securing maximum benefits to its token holders. To achieve this, from each PULSE transaction the Smart Contract takes a 10% commission which is reappropriated across four areas:

  • 1% goes directly to token holders’ wallets. 
  • 5% goes into the Revive Basket, an investment vehicle that uses a Smart Contract to automatically buy tokens from the selected Blockchain Projects. To start off, the basket will invest in FileCoin, Certik, Venus, TrustWallet, and Cake.
  • 2% goes into the Revive Launchdome, a platform for funding new crypto projects. Yields from the Launchdome will be intermittently dispersed to the token holders. 
  • the final 2% is crucial for constantly injecting token liquidity in PancakeSwap pair Pulse/BNB 

For all this to work, the Revive Project’s code was audited by the well-known company, Certik – you can find it here

Token Holder Benefits 

The benefits for PULSE token holders are vast and strongly encourage long-term token holding. Although the financial benefits of token holding are huge, the knowledge, skills, and understanding of NFT creation and marketing could end up holding even more value. 

Pulse token holders will receive: 

  • 1% commission from every transaction
  • Profits from Revive Basket
  • Profits from Revive Launchdome
  • Profits from the Revive NFT Marketplace & Academy
  • Profits from the Revive Exchange
  • The opportunity to automatically enter the Revive NFT Marketplace, Academy, and Revive Exchange
  • Special discounts on fees 
  • The right to vote and special offers.
Pulse Tokenomics

There is a total and maximum supply of 1 billion PULSE tokens, which have been allocated in a structure that uses a vesting period for team members and investors (here)

Public Sale & WhiteBIT Listing

The PULSE public sale started on the 1st of September at 00:00 (CET) and runs until the 30th of September at 00:00 (CET). Following the Public Sale, Pulse token will be listed on DEX on PancakeSwap and on CEX on WhiteBIT shortly after.

Eduard Ifrim, CSO of Revive Project, stated:

“We chose WhiteBIT as the first CEX to list Pulse token on because they are bulletproofed in terms of security: WhiteBIT stores 96% of the digital assets on cold wallets and uses WAF to detect and block hacker attacks”

What is Next For Revive?

With the Smart contract development, Certik audit and Revive Basket analysis already completed, the project is looking to the expansive phase of its roadmap, following the Public Sale. Before the full launch of the Revive product line in 2022, the company will raise its token accessibility by partnering with more exchanges (WhiteBIT is already signed) and diversify its basket portfolio through its community voting process. 

Media Contact Details

Contact Name: Eduard Ifrim

Contact Email: [email protected] 

Revive Project Socials

Blog | Twitter | Telegram | Facebook | Whitepaper | Team 

Revive Project is the source of this content. This Press Release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest


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