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Bitcoin Press Release: Megaupload creator Kim Dotcom announced this month to use Bitcoin Cash for his newest innovation, K.IM, a suite of tools to enable anyone around the world to manage, protect and sell digital content at ultra-low fees and without intermediaries. 

4th January 2021, Auckland, New Zealand: Dotcom, who’s website Megaupload was once the 13th most popular site on the Internet and responsible for 4% of all Internet traffic, said K.IM turns “digital files into file shops. Users can use our service to package a file that they want to sell into an encrypted container file and then they can place it anywhere on the Internet. Customers who want to access the content inside the encrypted container can make a payment using cryptocurrency like Bitcoin Cash.”

Asked why he was excited about K.IM and Bitcoin Cash in particular, Dotcom said that while Bitcoin (BTC) has been a great tool for asset storage, Bitcoin Cash is “great for payments” for services like K.IM and offers new financial opportunities for consumers, vendors and investors. Kim had the following to say about the crypto market: 

“My opinion is that crypto use is on the rise and BCH is in a good position to accumulate market share. For me it’s simple: The more users you have the more value you have. The winners in the crypto race will be decided by vendors and users. Focus on the fundamental question: What do vendors and users want? Low fees, fast transactions, high security and ease of use.”

He went on to say that Bitcoin Cash was currently “undervalued” and that the “upside potential for those who missed the BTC train” is enormous. Founder and friend of Dotcom, Roger Ver, said that Dotcom has “always been ahead of the rest of the market and that people should pay attention to his predictions”. He went on further to say: 

“When you look at interest in BTC these days, a lot of it comes in trying to chase its historic investment gains. As long as the price keeps going up, there is going to be a lot of interest. But what happens when people want to start actually using it to pay for things? They will discover the limitations of Bitcoin and look for an asset that can be both an investment and a true peer-to-peer payment system like Bitcoin was originally meant to be. That’s what Bitcoin Cash is. 

Speaking further on Bitcoin Cash, Ver said the following:

It has all the great qualities that helped BTC become a store of value but it’s not artificially rate limited. Entrepreneurs like Kim Dotcom can actually use it to build their business without relying on central parties to provide payment layers. It’s not surprising that he would be so bullish about Bitcoin Cash.”

Ver said that K.IM is one of the most exciting products he’s seen in years and has the potential to get millions of people using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash which can handle the massive volume Dotcom’s businesses have created in the past.

K.IM is currently in development with updates coming soon. The platform is expected to launch in Q4 of 2021. To find out more information visit the K.IM website today.

About K.IM

Providing advanced services and technologies to manage, protect and sell digital content, K.IM will revolutionise the monetisation of digital content and create a fair market for content creators and consumers.

KIM is the source of this content. This Press Release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections.


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