Chainlink Could be on the Cusp of Rocketing Higher as Strength Against BTC Grows

Chainlink Could be on the Cusp of Rocketing Higher as Strength Against BTC Grows

Chainlink has seen some mixed price action over the past few days and weeks, with sellers previously taking control of its price The cryptocurrency is now showing some signs of strength as the entire market begins to rebound and climb higher One trader believes that a move higher could be imminent in the near-term, with […]

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Chainlink Rallies Higher as Analysts Expect Further Mid-Term Upside

Chainlink has seen one of the strongest rebounds from its recent lows across the aggregated altcoin market, with its price rocketing higher as investors begin rotating capital into “risk-on” assets as Bitcoin and Ethereum show signs of strength. Its rebound is showing few signs of slowing down, and a move back up to its all-time […]

Bitcoin On the Cusp of Facing Another Wave of Intense Selling: Analyst

Bitcoin has faced some intense selling pressure throughout the past 48 hours, with bears stepping up and trying to reverse the cryptocurrency’s recent strength They have been continuously targeting $30,000, with the crypto tapping this level on a few occasions before rocketing higher Its rally has so far been somewhat weak, and reversed nearly the instant that the crypto moved past $36,000 This is a grave sign that points to some underlying weakness amongst bulls […]

Analysts Expect Chainlink to See Accumulation Before Rocketing Higher

Chainlink’s price action has been rather lackluster as of late, with Bitcoin’s indecisiveness not providing altcoins with much momentum. LINK has been caught within a bout of sideways trading throughout the past few days, with buyers and sellers largely reaching an impasse as the crypto ranges between $10.50 and $12.00. Until one of these levels […]

It’s the “Moment of Truth” for Chainlink as Price Taps Key Parabolic Trendline

Chainlink has flashed some immense signs of strength throughout the past few days, with the cryptocurrency rallying towards its $12.00 resistance as its price continues seeing immense upwards momentum. This strength also comes as the aggregated altcoin market begins showing signs of strength, with buyers sending Ethereum’s price flying higher today as the DeFi sector […]

Analyst: Chainlink Forms Most Bullish Setup Ever as Chance of Upside Grows

Chainlink has been consolidating within the mid-$12.00 region following its recent surge higher. The break into this price region has been significant, and where it trends next will likely depend on its reaction to the resistance established at $13.00. Yesterday, it was able to surge to this resistance level before facing some selling pressure that […]