Virtual Cosmetics Are Now A Thing As L’Oreal Enters The Metaverse

Virtual Cosmetics Are Now A Thing As L’Oreal Enters The Metaverse

At this point, everything that can conceptually be moved to the metaverse has been moved. This includes clothing, gaming, general daily living, and now L’Oreal is moving cosmetics to the metaverse. It is the first to do this as it files multiple patents that will allow the cosmetics giant to provide virtual variations of its […]

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Standard Chartered Bank Enters the Metaverse

Standard Chartered Bank has become the latest major bank to enter the metaverse. The bank has acquired “virtual land at The Sandbox metaverse’s Mega City district, a culture hub based on or inspired by Hong Kong talents.” Standard Chartered Bank Forays Into the Metaverse Standard Chartered Bank announced Tuesday that its subsidiary, Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Ltd. (SCBHK), has partnered with The Sandbox, a popular blockchain virtual gaming platform, “to create [a] metaverse experience.” Standard Chartered is a leading global....

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The new RTFKT acquisition confirms Nike’s interest in being a prominent contributor to the virtual world of the metaverse. Sportswear manufacturer Nike announced the acquisition of virtual sneakers and collectibles brand RTFKT. Nike becomes the biggest U.S.-based athletic products manufacturer through this partnership to join the metaverse bandwagon. A Cointelegraph report from Nov. 02 highlighted Nike's submission of requests for patenting the words — namesake, swoosh logo and just do it — for use online and in online virtual worlds." The filing was accompanied by two new job postings for....

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