IDchecker Partners with Bitcoin Industry Leaders BitPay

IDchecker Partners with Bitcoin Industry Leaders BitPay

IDchecker has recently partnered with pioneers of the Bitcoin industry, BitPay.

BitPay is the world leader in business solutions for the digital currency Bitcoin. BitPay systems provide fast and reliable Bitcoin integration for businesses and their innovative team is constantly developing new standards to make Bitcoin work better for their customers.

BitPay’s mission is to make Bitcoin every merchant’s favorite form of payment. They are dedicated to protecting their merchants by maintaining enterprise-grade vetting and compliance standards. IDchecker supports BitPay in its goal by providing registering BitPay customers with high-speed and user-friendly ID verification solutions.

“As a global organisation, it is very important for us to be able to 'KYC' our new merchants in a timely manner. Using IDchecker allows us to do this quickly and efficiently, saving us time and money.” – Crystal Campbell, Director of Merchant Compliance

IDchecker is now providing its online ID verification services to BitPay and other Bitcoin companies such as Coinpliance in the US and Bittylicious in the UK. IDchecker’s high-speed solutions not only enhance user convenience. They address a growing need for strong online authentication, reducing fraud and enhancing security for users to ultimately drive sales through your online channels.

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (Finra) recently issued a caution to investors about the fraud risk associated with Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies. IDchecker services can provide Bitcoin exchanges with the means to combat these risks by verifying the identities of registering customers in a fast and reliable way.

“The Bitcoin industry has a significant amount of fraudsters taking advantage of the fact that Bitcoin transactions are irreversible. To help combat fraud, IDChecker have provided Bittylicious with a reliable means of validating the ID uploaded by users, which in turn allows Bittylicious to trust its users much more than they otherwise could. IDChecker have helped Bittylicious to integrate seamlessly with their systems, have provided excellent support and provide a very reliable service.” – Marc Warne, Bittylicious Founder

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