Sera-Brynn is the first Payment Card Industry Qualified Security Assessor to accept Bitcoins.

Sera-Brynn is the first Payment Card Industry Qualified Security Assessor to accept Bitcoins.

Sera-Brynn, a cyber security firm headquartered in Suffolk, Virginia, is the first PCI Qualified Security Assessor to accept Bitcoins.

“Many of our clients are on the leading edge of financial and technical security services,” said Rob Hegedus, Sera-Brynn’s Chief Executive Officer. “The financial services industry is one of our core verticals, we are intimately familiar with digital payment solutions, and our client base is increasingly adopting these alternate forms of payment processing. This is just a natural progression for our firm.”

Sera-Brynn is the only Payment Card Industry Qualified Security Assessor certified cyber security firm headquartered in Southeastern Virginia. Staffed by former national intelligence and military information security professionals, their team has been developing, managing and securing the most complex and critical computer and network infrastructures since the 1990’s.

“While virtual currency seems extremely volatile, we think it’s here to stay,” said Darek Dabbs, Sera-Brynn’s Chief Information Officer.

“Sometimes we get asked by merchants if we can help then set up a secure Bitcoin payment processing system. Absolutely. Now that we’re helping businesses set up virtual currency payment systems, it only made sense to set ourselves up as well,” said Dabbs.

“This is where financial security and internet security meet, and we’re right in the middle of it.”


Sera-Brynn offers security compliance services for PCI-DSS, HIPAA, EI3PA, GLBA, SOX and FISMA, among others. Their cyber security core competencies include Risk Management, Compliance Management, Security Data Analytics/Warehousing, and Incident Response.

To learn more about Sera-Brynn, visit their website or call them at 757-243-1257.

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