SFARDS 28nm BTC & LTC Dual-Algorithm ASIC For Bitcoin Mining Unveiled

SFARDS 28nm BTC & LTC Dual-Algorithm ASIC For Bitcoin Mining Unveiled

SFARDS has successfully completed the world’s first 28nm SF3301 dual-algorithm ASIC chip capable of mining Bitcoin and Litecoin simultaneously; using the latest in FD-SOI processing technology.

The SF3301 is the world’s first chip to use the FD-SOI manufacturing process, and is also the world’s first 28nm dual-algorithm (SHA-256 & Scrypt) chip; capable of mining these two algorithms simultaneously or singularly.

Completely New Technology, Optimum Power Efficiency

SFARDS’ SF3301 fully utilizes the advantages of the FD-SOI technology. This brings increased forward body bias; the chip is operational at lower voltage while maintaining a higher frequency. The chip boasts impressive power efficiency while affording high hash power, allowing for much lower wastage per hash. The ASIC’s lowest working voltage is 0.45V, with lowest BTC efficiency at 0.19J/GH, and lowest LTC efficiency at 1.75J/MH. In current market conditions compared to other mining technology, dual-algorithm capabilities can provide a clear advantage.

Under recent testing conditions, the single SF3301 chip reached BTC hash power levels of 152GH/s, and LTC levels of 3.17MH/s. The SF3301’s high integration level leads to future miners being smaller, power wastage being less and even more powerful miners. There is room for movement in these areas and as such different customer requests can be fulfilled.

Dual Mining is Versatility and Longevity

The SF3301’s dual-algorithm abilities allow any miner based on the chip to benefit from a far longer period of effectiveness. Users can base their profits on a large variety of minable currencies and can easily switch between dual-mining mode and single mining mode. The profits made from mining lower cost currencies can be used to subsidize the mining of another currency. The lower the cost to mine the currency, the longer the shelf-life of the miner.

In April, SFARDS will release a number of documents for the SF3301 as open-source. The ASIC’s development board design and its software will be published, and in May the design specifications for our debut miner will be released. Additionally in the near future SFARDS will be selling ASIC development boards and sample chips, making the SF3301 accessible to developers who wish to customize and build their own hardware. SFARDS welcomes any and all developers and communities to build upon our technology and contribute to the mining ecosystem.


SFARDS comes from the well-known angel investor Li Xiaolai and the merger between Gridseed and WiiBox. The Beijing-based company has received VC funding from Matrix Partners China, the first cryptocurrency mining company in China to receive this kind of backing. SFARDS has a cutting-edge research and development team with a wealth of experience in cryptocurrency mining that is devoted to bringing value to every aspect of the mining industry.

To learn more about SFARDS please go to: http://www.sfards.com/

Sfards Products & Services: http://sfards.com/product/

Sfards on Twitter: http://twitter.com/sfardstech/

Sfards on Facebook: http://facebook.com/sfards/

Sfards on LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/company/sfards-technology-ltd/

Sfards on WeiBo: http://weibo.com/sfards/

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