Ciphrex’s Eric Lombrozo to Address Texas Bitcoin Conference on 5 Critical Areas of Storage System for Cryptocurrency Security

Ciphrex’s Eric Lombrozo to Address Texas Bitcoin Conference on 5 Critical Areas of Storage System for Cryptocurrency Security

Ciphrex’s Eric Lombrozo will speak at the Texas Bitcoin Conference Sunday, March 29, at the Moody Theater in downtown Austin, TX, on the five areas of a bitcoin storage system that need to be secured.

His presentation, “Securing Bitcoin and Reaching CCSS Level 3,” will provide real-world examples of how to secure each one at a level that meets or exceeds the new CryptoCurrency Security Standard.

Joining Lombrozo as a presenter will be Michael Perklin, president of CryptoCurrency Certification Consortium, and a well-respected Bitcoin expert, certified information security professional and accomplished cyber-crime investigator and public speaker.

“Cryptocurrencies provide users with the ability to always have full control over their own money, but with great power comes great responsibility,” said Eric Lombrozo, co-CEO and Chief Technology Officer of Ciphrex.

“We look forward to collaborating with other industry leaders to develop an open security standard.”

Lombrozo’s talk in Austin comes directly on the heels of his presentation at the Inside Bitcoins Berlin conference in Germany.

One of the foremost experts in blockchain technology, Lombrozo created mSigna, a product of Ciphrex and the most advanced, secure, user-friendly bitcoin wallet on the market. The first to support advanced features such as full control, scalable multisignature account management, mSigna is the safest option to store, receive and send bitcoin.

About Ciphrex

Ciphrex creates technologies to build the peer-to-peer payment network infrastructure required to securely store and transact in digital assets. The company’s enterprise grade software is based on public-key cryptography and blockchain technology focusing on four key aspects: security, simplicity, speed and scalability.


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