TAO Network Partners with Boogie Shack Music Group to Offer Blockchain Solution

TAO Network Partners with Boogie Shack Music Group to Offer Blockchain Solution

TAO Network has partnered with Boogie Shack Music Group to develop Blockchain-based tools and services for the music publishing company.

TAO Network, the cryptocurrency based smart contract DAO platform specializing in offering solutions to the music industry has announced its latest partnership with the leading music publishing company, Boogie Shack Music Group.

The partnership will allow the TAO Network team to gain full access to the artists signed up with Boogie Shack along with the masters to create blockchain solutions for the music industry. Having complete access to the collections will allow the platform to implement TAO of Music project for its collaborator. The resulting product will be an artist focused blockchain solution for the music industry, with Boogie Shack Music Group as the early adopter.

Former Warner Music executive and the CEO of Boogie Shack Music Group, Hakim Draper while offering full access to the company’s artists and masters said,

“We’re developing artists and building careers rooted in creativity and new and future technologies like the Tao network.”

The partnership will allow TAO Network to analyze the business operations of the functioning, profitable music publisher in order to develop tools and services that will not only serve Boogie Shack Music Group but the entire music industry. The project will be assisted by TAO Advisor Dale Everingham who is a 25 time Grammy winning engineer for Destiny’s Child and En Vogue. Dale will be coordinating the development and integration of TAO Network’s solution into Boogie Shack’s existing operations.

“This is an opportunity to build technology directly for and with the music industry and members of the artists’ community. I’m honored to be a part of such a historic project,”

Says Bryce Weiner of TAO Network while sharing his thoughts about the ground-breaking project.

The TAO of Music initiative has been widely applauded by the industry leaders. Joe Solo, the producer of Macy Gray who has shared credits with the likes of Michael Jackson, Fergie and Will.i.am is one among them. In a recent video, Joe has shared his thoughts about TAO Network and the positive impact of blockchain technology on the music industry. TAO Network is pleased to have the veteran composer for Syfy Network, Pepsi, Fox Sports, CBS, NBC, ABC, HBO, MTV and dozens more join the growing community of supporters.

The crowd sale of TAO tokens is live. Investors interested in investing in TAO Network can do so on or before August 28, 2016 at the following link: http://tao.network/crowdsale.html

About TAO Network

TAO Network is an improved, future-proof Blockchain smart contract platform built using Bitcoin code base. The TAO Network, still in its early stage is a content agnostic smart contracts platform. The protocol is currently working on a blockchain based rights management platform called the TAO of Music.

About the TAO of Music

The TAO of Music project is created by a team of futurists and developers to protect and secure artists’ content over a long period of time. TAO of Music is operated as a distributed autonomous organization that can act as a bond between competing blockchain based solutions by various music publishing administration companies. TAO Network achieves this by creating an interoperable design that can work irrespective of the format of blockchain implementation currently adopted by artists. The TAO of Music is a public ledger that offers a one-point legal access to artists’ catalogs irrespective of the publisher who owns the rights.

Know more about TAO Network at: http://tao.network/

Know more about Boogie Shack Music Group at: http://www.theboogieshack.com/

TAO Network Investor handbook is available at: http://tao.network/InvestorsHandbook.pdf

To participate in the TAO Network Crowd sale, visit: http://tao.network/crowdsale.html

Know more about Joe Solo at: http://www.joesoloproductions.com/credits.html

Joe Solo’s video is available at: http://www.theboogieshack.com/pro-talk/pro-talk-081816-joe-solo/

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