ArtByte Releases New Music Download Site

ArtByte Releases New Music Download Site

EDTArtByte (formerly AppleByte) Foundation is pleased to announce its new music download site. Fans can buy music with just two clicks, no signups, no credit cards. Payment is made with ArtBytes and musicians keep 100% of proceeds.

Digital currencies have the power to revolutionize much more than the financial industry. ArtByte, the digital currency supporting artists was created to change the way artists of all types (musicians, painters, dancers, actors, writers, etc.) are paid, using blockchain technology to allow support of artists around the world via fast, low cost cross-border transactions.

ArtByte's Music Store ( is the revolutionary music site allowing musicians to sell their work for ArtBytes, a digital currency designed to support artists.

As the ArtByte Foundation is non-profit, musicians keep 100% of the sales proceeds. It is free to list music and there are never any fees to artists.

Fans around the world can buy music regardless of where they live, with no signup, credit cards, or bank account required. This is art as it should be, free from goverments and organizations determining which artists are supported.

About ArtByte

Artbyte (formerly AppleByte) was founded in New York on May 1, 2014. ArtByte digital currency supports musicians, painters, sculptors, dancers, actors, writers, filmmakers, producers, directors, designers, photographers, production team membersand more.

Artists are supported with grants and awards, social media tipping apps, promotions, gift card redemptions, and mining. From the beginning the focus has been on building real user adoption (artists and fans). Participating artists also receive free promotion of their work through ArtByte's social media and forum accounts.

ArtByte (BTC/ABY) is traded on Poloniex and Bittrex.

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