Kashcoin, a Brand New Bitcoin Alternative for the Music Industry Goes Live This Week

Kashcoin, a Brand New Bitcoin Alternative for the Music Industry Goes Live This Week

The latest cryptocurrency focused towards the Music industry, Kashcoin goes live this week on multiple crypto-exchanges.

Kashcoin is announcing the launch of their Music industry focused cryptocurrency. The currency will be available for trading on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges starting this week.

Kashcoin, represented by the symbol KASH is a cryptocurrency created by those in music for the very industry they represent. It can be used widely used across the segment by bands, in music concerts and festivals, to buy records, clothing and merchandise. As supporters of the Music industry, Kashcoin users will be eligible for special deals and VIP perks which are otherwise not accessible to regular people.

Kashcoin is the creation of Leor Dimant aka DJ Lethal who has been part of multi-platinum groups — Limp Bizkit and House of Pain along with Justin Lally as a partner. The motivation behind Kashcoin is to introduce music lovers to digital currency. In addition, the most attractive features of Kashcoin are the exclusive perks and discounts the platform intends to offer music lovers, something which isn’t otherwise available.

“The focus is on merchant adoption. Rather than just asking merchants to use Kashcoin, we are working to provide them with the tools to make this happen. If we do most of the hard work, merchants will be able to easily integrate Kashcoins into their existing payment solutions. We are asking merchants to tell us what they need and then respond to that with our development.”

— says Justin Lally about the immediate future plans for Kashcoin.

The main goal of planned Kashcoin marketplace for music records and merchandise is to encourage mainstream adoption of the cryptocurrency. Kashcoin doesn’t intend to compete with Bitcoin and mainstream adoption of Kashcoin is just a relative term with reference to Bitcoin. Kashcoin is created for a niche and intends to cater to the segment satisfactorily before considering expansion to other segments.

Kashcoin wallets are being made available for all major operating systems and devices. The platform also announces the availability of premining for miners.

Kashcoin Specifications

– Premining
– Proofs: Network-Stake (PoS) – Anonymous Burn Destroy (PoBA)
– Min Stake Time of 1 hour, Max Stake Time of 8 hours
– PoW ended at Block 100.000, Mined 1,200,000 KASH
– Minimum Transaction Fee: 0.01 KORE
– RPC Port: 28555, P2Port: 28556
– Confirmations: 10, Maturity: 30

About Kashcoin

Kashcoin is a new cryptocurrency for the music industry created by DJ Lethal of Limp Bizkit and House of Pain fame along with Justin Lally. It intends to encourage a digital currency culture among music lovers, producers and artists.

Know more about Kashcoin at: https://www.kashcoin.net/

Download Kashcoin wallet at: https://www.kashcoin.net/downloads/

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