Cryonic FrostBit™ Bitcoin Miner Unveiled to Consumers

Cryonic FrostBit™ Bitcoin Miner Unveiled to Consumers

Startup company Cryoniks launches today the FrostBit™ 1000 Cryonic Bitmining Solution aimed at the Bitcoin digital-currency community in time for summer.

Following the massive wave of new technology aimed at the controversial online digital currency Bitcoin, Cryoniks, Inc. has just unveiled its new bit mining powerhouse - the FrostBit™ ‘cryonic’ computer system. Featuring the world’s first on-board liquid nitrogen generator available to consumers, the FrostBit™ 1000 houses the first generation of low-temperature superconducting ASIC processors designed to drastically reduce power consumption while increasing overall system speed and efficiency.

A spokesman for the company has called the system

“truly the next generation of personal computing” when referring to the companies ASIC+ Cryonic Architecture™.

“We designed the FrostBit™ solution to redefine consumer standards when it comes to affordable yet resource-efficient personal computing,” states Mr. Chris Whiting, Lead Project Developer Cryoniks, Inc., after being asked what the initial inspiration was for the project.

Engineered almost exclusively for the Bitcoin mining community, the FrostBit™ 1000 is rated at 2800W max peak-power consumption ranking the system by far the most energy efficient solution of its nature available to consumers. When questioned about the advertised 1000GH/S rated speed and cryonic components, Mr. Whiting said teasingly, “It’s easy to make them faster – the key is making them practical.” Heavy emphasis on design is immediately apparent with the Sci-Fi inspired light-strips. “It’s not innovative to slap on a few more processors; we wanted to design everything from scratch – reinvent what was possible while always conscious of being green.” Company sources have also confirmed that the units will be entirely made and shipped from the U.S.A.

Now accepting pre-orders, with expected delivery this July, the FrostBit™ 1000 Cryonic Bitmining Solution is a must-have for the serious Bitcoin miner or Bitminer wanting bleeding-edge technology, minimal running expenses and a futuristic housing unit.

Find out more by visiting the official site at to pre-order your very own.

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